Here is a great example of how to write a follow up note after an interview. It shows you were listening during the conversation and taking notes. It allows you to reiterate what the interviewer is looking for in a way that you can highlight your strengths. Most importantly, this note shows how to close… Always ask for the job!

I really enjoyed our discussion today and I am excited about what you are building.  As you could probably tell I’m extremely passionate about this area.  I enjoy what I do and I know we could do great things together.  I absolutely encompass all 8 traits you identified you want in a candidate:

  1. Creativity
  2. Problem Solver/Amplifying Customer Service
  3. Honesty/Integrity
  4. Aggressive/Persistent
  5.  Proactive
  6.  Strategic Thinker
  7.  Strong Work Ethic
  8. Excellent Communication Skills

I’ve consistently over delivered on my goals and I would do the same for you.

Thank you for your time today.  I look forward to hearing next steps and potentially meeting in person soon.