Maintaining a close, honest relationship with your recruiter is important in order to be successful.  Here are some tips to maintain and build upon an ideal partnership:

  • Prompt and thorough communication- Shows you are determined and invested; poor communication is the number one indicator of not caring and/or not respecting your recruiter.
  • Referrals of candidates for roles you may not be interested in- They are working hard to find you that perfect fit, and a little help in return is much appreciated. Plus, you may help a friend find  their right job.
  • Be a straight-shooter; just as in any business situation, there are no “good surprises”- This one is easy: honesty is the best policy. The truth will come out eventually, so no use hiding anything.
  • Make sure recruiters have a comprehensive understanding of your entire compensation plan- They want to make sure you are fully taken care of in your next job, and don’t want an offer made that is less than what you’re worth.
  • NEVER fabricate your salary plan- Again, the truth will come out. A lie about this is almost a guarantee for the end of your relationship.
  • We respect people who have an ongoing relationship with us a lot more than people we only hear from when they need us- Relationships go both ways. Recruiters truly care about your success and love to hear how you’re doing.