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Long-Term Relationships

We make a point of establishing deep relationships with both our candidates and clients. We provide insight into best practices, industry trends, organization design, competition, reference checks (even on candidates we are not representing), and much more.

Interview Preparation

We give you the tools you need to succeed in your interview. Our team spends quality time with each candidate to make sure they go in feeling prepared.

Top of the Line Career Coaching

Collectively our team has worked with some of the most prominent companies nationally. We hired at high caliber companies giving us the experience and knowledge to assist you with your next career move.

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“I am recommending Rick as a Business Partner rather than a client as I have known him – and valued him – as client, candidate, and connection.

As a candidate several years ago, Rick was willing to forgo a fee to allow me to network my way into a client company of his because – as he put it – “it was the right thing to do”. While that may be true, it was Rick’s integrity and concern for my personal needs in that situation that really stood out.

Rick and his team at Executive Dynamics consistently approach their business that way. They are currently a “preferred partner” Recruiter for my Company (one of only two that we use exclusively), and have helped us recruit highly talented people who have both fit into – and evolved – our culture, while raising the performance bar for the whole team.

I highly recommend Rick as a great person, as a highly skilled Recruiter, and as a valuable and knowledgeable Connection.”

Art Handman Energizer

“Executive Dynamics has always taken a long term approach to building my teams at Visa and Reebok. The trust and rapport they build with candidates translate into delivering extremely talented and diverse people that make a difference.”

Shawn Neville Former Sr. Manager at Visa and Reebok

“Rick Leon has been the key to developing our H.J. Heinz organization. In large measure our success in rebuilding this company is due to his consistency in providing us with top talent.”

Dave Moran North America H.J. Heinz

“Executive Dynamics has provided me with consistently candid advice that has proven to be instrumental in successfully managing my career and building business teams within three different companies.”

“The best recruiting day of my career was an instance where out of four candidates Rick presented to me, we hired two Vice Presidents and one Director.”

“Our success at Wrigley is directly attributed to the superior people Rick has provided us.”

Ralph Scozzafava Wrigley Company

“He has a keen insight into building and restructuring organizations with a focus on dramatically raising the bar from a talent base.”

Philip O’Neil Vivendi Universal Games

“Executive Dynamics Search has consistently performed at a high level placing people in both our Fountain and Retail organizations. Their focus on delivering diversity was particularly strong.”

Gina Murphy Sr. Staffing Manager, Coca-Cola

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